Friday, December 7, 2012

Kickstarter : Sock Reindeer Project

In October I put up a quick Kickstarter to make some reindeer. I'd made them a couple years ago, and I wanted to make them again, but I hate buying supplies and then sitting on something that's so specific to a holiday. Kickstarter, tho... that's where you take those projects.

I hit a few bumps... When the socks I ordered came, after the project closed, they were not brown, they were dark army green and black! I about cried, but I turned to another site and I ordered some new socks. They came and they were NYLONS! oh, the horror... they were really thick, tho, so I managed to get some of the reindeer done. As I started to stuff them, they would run! I had to fray block the edges. I pulled and pulled and the only rippage was starting at the top where I'd cut them.

I had to find other socks to get the kits done, but FINALLY, the entire project had been finished and mailed off to their new homes. Sometimes, there's literally snags in these projects.

I'd like to thank all the backers who helped to make this happen and get some of these guys off out into the world this year:

- Sally Jo Cunningham
- Rachel A. Spink
- Hannah Karahkwenhawe Stacey
- Gordie
- Bonny Lambert
- Silver Spoon
- Joanna Chia, simplyjojo

Thank you, everyone, for participating. I hope they all enjoy their Reindeer as much as I enjoy making them (even when there's challenges along the way).