Monday, September 12, 2016

Space Monkey ... from sock monkey to lifestyle!

One of my favorite things is making my monkeys into products that vary from bed spreads to phone cases... stickers, clothing, you name it!

This guy was a customer request way back in the day, but he's been requested a few times since... and when I was working on my fabric cut-n-sew fabric dolls for Spoonflower, I really wanted to make him into one with coordinating items. Between there, Zazzle, and Redbubble, I can pretty much create a whole line of items for each little monkey friend (which is something I'd love to expand on, so many ideas, so little hours in a day!)

SOOOOO, I present to you the very first collection of items you can buy and use to create a whole coordinated life of my Space Monkey!! (lol) Or just snag up a thing or two...

Spoonflower is print on demand fabric designed by creators all over the world! I love being part of such a community, and the creative outlet it gives me. I have two smaller key chain sized cut and sew dolls and a rocket. Also a coordinating fabric. (The alien is going to get his own theme coming up at some point with his own UFO.)

Redbubble is one of my favorite places to post things... As you can see from the sampling, there's a lot to pick from. There's even more on the site, click the image to get to my collection of Space Monkey goods available on there right now.


I really missed when Zazzle had shoes. But they are back! And these are fun, they unzip so you can have a bunch of different mix and match options. Paper plates, napkins... have a Space Monkey party! Lamps and pillows...SO much fun things. There's even more to pick from when you follow the link. Deck out your bathroom, your office... your kitchen!

-Stacey Jean