Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Birth of my Zombie Sock Monkey

In 2006, I made Frank... He's Dr. Frankenstein's Monster. He was the monkey that got my wheels spinning on the idea for a Zombie Sock Monkey. No one was doing anything Halloween related, other than people making the classic Red Heel Monkeys and dressing them up in costumes. Which was cool, but I wanted to be different.

In 2009, after Macabre had already come to me as inspiration, I finally created zombies! Four of them. Unfortunately... only 4 (1 2 3 4), because they trended on Twitter and caused such a stir they sold out. My messages started exploding with requests for more zombies.

I was getting so many requests to make zombies and I just didn't have the materials... I finally found what I needed, eventually making Banshee, Cortex, Franklin (a tribute to Frank!), and so many others!

Then came Phil, Ralph, and Beth. They completely changed my design and set the Zombies into the look they have now.

These days I have all sorts of zombie monkey designs going on. I use them to experiment new techniques or materials on. I use up left over sock pieces that are too small for anything else. I've put him on fabric, clothes, home goods, and right now I'm working on DIY kits for my zombies.

I love zombies. I watched Night of the Living Dead as a child and I loved it... It scared the crap out of me, and I enjoyed it.

Zombie monkeys are added to stock 1-2 times a year 
at my newly opened Etsy shop, Pumpkin Bones.

- Stacey Jean