Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kickstarter : The Skeleton Monkey Project

In August 2012, I decided to take a chance on Kickstarter and try it out. I got the gist of it, and went in full force to make skeleton monkeys. I had planned to make about 20 monkeys. That didn't exactly happen. I ended up with 84 backers and a grand total of 14 stickers, 33 DIY kits, and 44 monkeys to make, total! As I write this, most of the project has been completed and sent away to their new homes. I have 14 large monkeys and 6 reverse monkeys to finish up and get on the way in the next week.

I want to thank ALL my backers, even those that chose not to appear here, it meant a lot to see so many people interested in my work. I've been breeding sock monkeys for 6 years, and I've worked hard. When I left Etsy last year I had to kind of start over, and Kickstarter has given me a way to not only get funded up front to recreate old ideas, but also the inspiration to create new ideas, and renewed my spirit. I've purchased materials to make even more items for my skeleton monkey line including jewelry, pillows, purses, bags, and more!
Skeleton Sock Monkey Project

Jennifer Seibel
Stephanie P., on Kickstarter
Abby C
Kelly, G.
Samantha Estevez
Katie Goodrich
Kim L
Ted V. Melnick
Jensen Robinson
R. Spink
Rick Hull
Kelsey P.
Sean O'Keefe
Unni Glorahanni
Erich T.
Shannon D., @runforsomething
Jake Shannon
Michael C.
Lisa S.
Craft En Ville
Amanda D.
Jill G.
Joanna Chia, simplyjojo
Daamon B.
Melissa Rowles
Kevin G.
Chris Tang
Anne Kiko
Joseph Schmalke, josephschmalke.com
Cruz Caudillo, pralinepatisserie.com
Amber E. Staab
Lexy F.
Mike Skoglund
Richard Hartwig
Thanks Pati!
Eugene Koh
J L Molloy
Jillian, Eli, and Harper
Frankie Constantino
Adam Everman

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, to everyone that pledged, and everyone else that participated.